Thursday, February 03, 2005

When Reality Collides with Rhetoric

Dahr Jamail:

What they also didn’t tell you was that of those who voted, whether they be 35% or even 60% of registered voters, were not voting in support of an ongoing US occupation of their country.

In fact, they were voting for precisely the opposite reason. Every Iraqi I have spoken with who voted explained that they believe the National Assembly which will be formed soon will signal an end to the occupation.

And they expect the call for a withdrawing of foreign forces in their country to come sooner rather than later.

This causes one to view the footage of cheering, jubilant Iraqis in a different light now, doesn’t it?

But then, most folks in the US watching CNN, FOX, or any of the major networks won’t see it that way. Instead, they will hear what Mr. Bush said, “The world is hearing the voice of freedom from the center of the Middle East,” and take it as fact because most of the major media outlets aren’t scratching beneath film clips of joyous Iraqi voters over here in the land of daily chaos and violence, no jobs, no electricity, little running water and no gasoline (for the Iraqis anyhow)...

Congress Salutes with Purple Fingers:

...Ink was provided by a fledgling Republican congressman from Louisiana near the entrance of the House chamber Wednesday night. On their way to hear President Bush's State of the Union address, many lawmakers — mostly Republicans — dipped a digit and thrust up a purple index finger. Purple ink pads awaited GOP senators when they reached the House floor.

...Supporters stuck their forefingers in the air — not unlike college football fans declaring "We're number one" — as the president spoke...

Vengeful Insurgents Ramp Up Iraq Attacks:

BAGHDAD, Iraq - Insurgents struck back with a vengeance following a post-election lull, waylaying a minibus carrying new Iraqi army recruits, firing on Iraqis heading for work at a U.S. base and gunning down an Iraqi soldier in the capital, officials said Thursday. Two U.S. Marines were killed in action.

At least 20 people, including the Marines, died in insurgent-related incidents starting Wednesday night, according to U.S. and Iraqi reports...