Thursday, February 17, 2005

Republican Art

Perhaps this is a companion to Kate's post about Limbaugh leading the Philistines in attacks upon Christo. Or perhaps it is a throwaway comment on the lack that appears to be a part of every Republican psyche, a lack of an ability to appreciate anything but the bottom line. They likely appreciate this painting. Rush would appreciate the use of cigars in it, I'm sure.

There's a bunch of one-liners to be found here. Guess the high bidder? That would be a great game, but Bill Bennet is clearly the only answer that fits. After all, none of the dogs are holding loofahs.

The picture and the story are here for your amusement. Perhaps in the comments you can compare it to Bush foreign policy, or there may be a metaphor that involves the Main Stream Media and a certain Mr. Guckert. It's all yours, folks. And, think, there's someone out there who now owns two of these original paintings for the sum of $300,000 EACH!

Republican values? Or just an opportunity for us to have some fun?