Wednesday, February 16, 2005


It's nice to see all the howling and predicting about Halliburton and corruption have come true, though it sure would be good if the main stream media would pick up on the story, now that $9 Billion in profits have been taken from our pockets.

First, there's Bellacaio commenting on yesterday's hearing. No, it is not strange that this story is missing in the mainstream media. They simply won't call the Bush Administration to task on anything. Certainly the corruption and scamming of the US government by Halliburton and its subsidiaries is getting to the ludicrous stage.
One example of waste was a contract for embroidered towels. The original batch of plain towels was returned for the higher priced towels embroidered with KBR’s logo- higher price translated to more profit for KBR. If this practice was used for all purchasing in Iraq, Halliburton may be forced to repay billions of dollars.

Then there's Halliburton's practices that spell real potential for harm to US citizens. Seems they "lost" some nuclear material and decided not to report it, as required by law. Lost from October until February 8th in Logan Airport. Very little outcry on this one, too.

Of course, the President and Vice President couldn't care less. While Vice President Cheney keeps on helping Halliburton get the contracts, the President keeps spending money like a drunken Yale cheerleader, and with about as much intellectual depth.