Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Tangled Webs, Chickens Roosting, Yada yada yada...

Finally. What a maroon. Or, someone got to him - take your choice of theories...

'Gannon' Signs Off: Guckert Says He'll No Longer Talk to Press

NEW YORK James D. Guckert, the former White House reporter who's been accused of everything from asking partisan questions to being a male prostitute, is no longer speaking to the press, claiming it does not help his cause, he told E&P this morning.

"I talked to attorneys, and I am no longer talking to anyone [in the press] anymore," said Guckert, who has used the alias Jeff Gannon. "It doesn’t seem to clarify anything any longer. Everything I say, people start a new conspiracy theory. I am not going to answer any more questions. It seems to distract from what is really going on."

That approach is a shift from Guckert's activities in the past week, when he has appeared on CNN and National Public Radio and allowed several other news organizations, including E&P, to interview him.

Guckert, who says he is 47, said he was not planning any specific legal action related to recent events but had contacted an attorney just in case. "It's always good to have an attorney hanging around," he told E&P. "I'm not expecting anything, I am just listening to good advice."

Listening to good advice, JDJeff? Seems like that would be the first time.

With yesterday's revelations on AMERICAblog, the situation has moved well past the threshold of need for a special prosecutor.