Thursday, February 17, 2005

What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas

Well, not this time.

This story is not earth-shattering. It is not nationally significant. Nor is it something that will compell outrage.

But it IS a chance for you to construct a good one-liner or two. It's a story about a Young Republican who is learning the ways of the party and being persecuted for it. Is he Karl Rove in training? I'll wait for your contributions to decide.
The young Nevada man designated to chair the upcoming 2005 Young Republican National Convention in Las Vegas has been accused of embezzling registration fees from around the country to pay off bar tabs, personal loans and credit card debts.

Nevada's national committeeman for Young Republicans filed a criminal complaint Monday with the Reno Police Department alleging Nathan Taylor received more than $25,000 in registration fees and donations through his corporation, YRNC 2005, and spent almost all of it in the past year for personal use.

I love the description of Nathan Taylor in this description of him and his service as a Republican Apprentice from 1999. And his welcome message to this year's Young Republican Convention. There's just a ton of irony here, too much for just me to call attention to.