Friday, February 18, 2005

Panoply R Us

Jon Stewart said it the other night, about what the hypothetical you might assume a blog to be: a web-log, an ongoing diary of web surfing.

Since it's become a ludicrous exercise in futility of late to try to synthesize it all without a gallon of alcohol and 8 ounces of Pepto-Bismol, this morning you get a panoply of links that caught my attention (panoply: a splendid and striking array), along with a challenge from me to come up with some blogospheric unified field theory for it all.

On the Hiroshima Maidens:
Michiko's Story

Feb. 18th Screening of new Hiroshima Maidens film

Spirit of Hiroshima

Social Security
Barbara Boxer

Roosevelt Relative on Social Security

Dalton Trumbo

Allen Ginsberg

The American 1950s, a great list of links

Smurfs are Communists

"Time matters and it matters because it passes inexorably, and so, part of [our] job is to keep a correct record of the past, so new generations will know where they came from and understand." Ken Sanes