Monday, February 28, 2005

Lynn Swann, Pennsylvania governor

As a Republican? He's announced the formation of a campaign committee. You can find a biography at, which appears to be the folks who arrange his speaking engagements for upwards of $50,000 per.

Well, first, he's got a woman's name, and that's going to play poorly in the "Alabama" part of the state, where voting for a woman is not something men do well, and those men who do recognize the "Lynn Swann" name as that of a former football star will remember that he's black. Yeah, the "Alabama" part of Pennsylvania is pretty backwards. Second, he played for the Pittsburgh Steelers, and as Out of Context comments, he'd have to have played for the Eagles to have a real chance.

Finally, Lynn Swann was two years late to witness the immaculate reception. And even that play would be tainted, at least in Republican minds, because it involved both John "Frenchie" Fuqua and Franco Harris. Lynn Swann's relation to these obvious Frenchmen will be his candidacy's demise. Of course, even with that huge name recognition, Swann is trailing Fast Eddie by 16 points.