Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Where's Osama?

Maybe he's disguised as a tall skinny guy with glasses and wearing a striped shirt to camoflage his dialysis machine. The big questions concern whether the Bush Administration cares where he is, or if it has ANY FUCKING CLUE how or where to find him.

Look, we just passed the three and a half year mark since 9/11. (It's always nice to remind ourselves that Osama was the one behind that attack, not Saddam, or the Mullahs in Iran, for instance.) That's 42 months in which the Bush Administration, with a mandate from September 11 until today to get Osama, has failed utterly and completely. And he's STILL A THREAT! A far bigger threat than Saddam ever was.

42 months! Much has happened in that time. The Bush Administration has allowed one of its members to expose a CIA agent, with no penalty. The Bush Administration has encouraged torture, when finally said and done, in Guantanamo, Abu Ghriab, Afghanistan and countless countries where they are shipping prisoners, with no penalty. The Bush Administration has committed the slaughter of tens of thousands of Iraqi citizens, with no penalty. The Bush Administration has helped install the friends of the Mullahs in Iran as government in Iraq, with no penalty. And the Bush Administration has lied and lied and lied all the way. But they have NOT gotten Osama Bin Laden, not in six months, when they should have done, not in two years, not even in 42 months!

But they have a new strategy, perhaps inspired by watching too many infomercials. They're launching a better advertising campaign.

I kid you not. They really think this is going to be the kicker, the last push that will get Osama.

I passed a group of protesters today with signs that say Bush is dumb "Like a Rock," borrowing from the old Bob Seger lyrics that have also been coopted for some time by advertising. The whole Administration needs some tutoring if they think this will work.

So this is news? No, this is par for the course for this Administration, and they're shooting snowmen, not Osamas.