Wednesday, February 02, 2005

STFU - Open Forum

Almost time for the annual smoke, mirrors, and bullshit show.

Social Security dismantlement will be a centerpiece of the speech tonight. While you listen to it, remember that this is the guy who, two years ago, stood before congress and claimed that Saddam had 8 bazillion individual weapons of mass destruction of various makes, models, and yield potentials.

Before the speech, click over to Eschaton for a moment and read the scoop on the SS plan. Bottom line: I'm 50. I'm sooooooooo screwed.

As a final warmup for the rootin' tootin' STFU hootenany, pay bitchin' Patricia a visit at Blondesense - she's got the right take - this is going to be the Washingtonian equivalent of a Ron Popiel infomercial.

Updates and groans as warranted.

Update, 8:45PM - Max Sawicky has the real 411 on what's going on with the latest BushCo PR game. Damn, these guys are scary.