Sunday, February 27, 2005

Assclownism as Art

I'm all about a good laugh -- especially when it comes at the expense of no-talent assclowns. Let me correct that. I don't want to paint no-talent assclowns with the same broad brush as James Guckert. Our boy JimmyJeff's escapades transcend assclownism. He has fallen to heretofore unseen assclownish depths, which absolutely assures he rates a unique brand of brush all to himself.

So anyway, I'm doing a bit of freerange blog surfing of the ASZ blogroll, and I run into a posting at Rubber Hose, which in turn directed me to a fabulous parody of JimmyJeff's current journalistic endeavor. For full frontal impact, you need to:

1) Take a look at Guckert's real blog,

2) Then, read the parody site.

I promise, you'll get an evening full of bellylaughs - and that's before you even click through to the parody site.

Guckert's one of those kind of guys who really should seriously consider quitting while he's giving head ahead. I think he's going to find out who his real friends are now.