Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Spin'Ster on a Mission

Well, she is in Florida with her partner, who I shall name Spin'ster-in-law, and the two spinnerettes, adopted Chinese girls aged 2 and 4. They are there to visit my mother, who is extremely conflicted. You see, on the one hand my mother is of an age where she is squeamish over the concept of lesbianism. And let's make this clear, Spin'Ster and Spin'Ster-in-law are same sex partners. On the other hand, who could possibly avoid complete emotional meltdown when faced with the spinnerettes? They're darling!

So I called last night to see how the first day went, and Mom referred to the Spin-Ster and partner collectively. Mark one for progress. And she was making eye contact with Spin'Ster-in-law, or so I heard. Yes, these are small victories, but they happen every day in this world. And that is all to the better. Prejudice is a learned behavior, after all, and learned behaviors are sometimes unlearned very slowly.

The best part? The bigger spinnerette, Jillian, gave me something like 14 kisses over the phone! I'm in LOVE!