Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Tribute to Philly Bloggers, Part Deux

The Rittenhouse Review: This place doesn't write enough entries! I love what they do, and have been reading their work for a long, long time now. Hey, and now I live on Rittenhouse Square, so maybe I can get some of the ruminations a little bit better. I like the humor at Rittenhouse Review. Sometimes it is subtle, and sometimes it comes on like a sledgehammer.

slacktivist: Slacktivist also doesn't publish often enough, but the most recent entry on their reason for being is good enough for a look. Certainly an interesting use of the Reaganite metaphor of a "City on a Hill."

Suburban Guerilla: I read Suburban Guerilla for the first time yesterday. OK, so I'm slow! I wrote her a letter immediately, as well. I like the mixture of hard news blogging and introspection at Suburban Guerilla, and I wish myself that I could write more of the personal/political.

Tattered Coat: This one is new to me, and while I am not particularly attracted by blog entries on Hip Hop, I am always willing to be educated. His politics section is certainly well worth it. I LOVE the E. A. Poe/Gannon bit.

Upyernoz: Enough said -- this morning he leads off by promoting Drinking Liberally! I'll be there, upyernoz!

Whiskey Bar: Certainly a winner. Richard and Kate from here at ASZ were regulars in Billmon's hey day, so perhaps they should comment on his Blog. He's active again, and is gathering his following back. I am particularly taken with the Steadman portrait of Hunter Thompson he decorated his tribute with.

There we are, folks, a tribute to a concentration of Bloggers in Philly that can stand up to anyone!