Saturday, February 19, 2005

And The Leader Said, "I Need A Mouthpiece"...

And the mouthpiece was created.

And then there was Gannon - Presidential Mouthpiece
Lifted shamelessly from The Whiskey Bar.

Radio Producer Could Always Count on 'Gannon' for Tips

Scott McClellan Reveals That Gannon/Guckert Got GOPUSA Press Pass

Rove-Gannon Connection?

Gannon attended White House Christmas parties -- but who invited him?

For a guy with a two day, $50 "journalism" degree (meals included), no prior published works (if you don't count his many "profiles" and photos on the web), and an outstanding $20,000 tax debt Jeff/Jim Gannon/Guckert has had unprecedented access to White House press briefings. He has also been responsible for feeding tips to other reporters over the past couple of years, where did he get the information?

The question remains, despite all the spin, how does a guy with that profile get that kind of access? The key may be found by following the money - who is paying him? GOPUSA admits to paying half of his "salary", where did the rest come from?