Tuesday, February 15, 2005

What's the Difference Anyway?

Q. So what do North Korea, Iran and Iraq have in common, well besides being ... dun, dun, duh... The Axis of Evil?

A. They have all built IDENTICAL nuclear facilities.

Kind of hard to believe, isn't it? In the last week CNN has posted the same photos of the same site asserting in their news reports that the photos represented a North Korean nuclear site, and then that the photo was a nuclear facility in Iran. The BradBlog caught the screw up and asked CNN about it. They replaced the photo without noting the correction, and have yet to respond to Brad's questions.

Yesterday I thought that would have been the end of the story, replace photo with the correct one. Probably just a screw up with story/photo coordination, no biggie. Today The BradBlog is running this story:
CNN's 'North Korean' Nuke Plant Shows Up Again at U.S. GOV FUNDED 'News' Site!
Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty used Photo of same Nuke Plant -- presumably from Iran -- in a N. Korea Story in Early 2004!
Filename for that photo is 'IRAQ-Nuclear.jpg'!

Ok, so there's ONE photo that's being passed around like a two-bit whore to pimp the nuclear capabilities of Iran and North Korea, and at least in one case it's named 'IRAQ-Nuclear.jpg'? Does anybody else have a problem with that? I've got a couple of questions: does ANYBODY in the MSM verify information anymore? Whose nuclear facility is it anyway? Where did the photo come from?