Thursday, February 17, 2005

Replacing Gannon/Guckert

This is a contest, and it is inspired by today's column by Jim Shea at the Hartford Courant. He's put in a letter to Scott McClellan to replace Gannon/Guckert, and as part of his application he has listed a few softball questions he'd ask if given the position of White House Media Plant:
Mr. President, at this point in your tenure you have not made a single wrong decision. Do you find it difficult to work with this kind of incredible record, or is perfection something you get used to over time?

Mr. President, now that Iraq has held free elections, your policy has been proven to be correct and democracy is on the march in the Middle East, how do you respond to those who are calling you the greatest American since FDR?

Mr. President, Social Security is in such a serious crisis that if your plan to change it is not adopted immediately, senior citizens are going to be dropping like flies by next winter. Is this why you deplore the scare tactics being used by those who oppose your plan?

Finally, Mr. McClellan, because I know you don't like your press-corps plants to go by their real names, I have been working on coming up with a suitable alias, and have decided on the following - Kent Clark. What do you think?

So your task, should you take it up, is to construct a softball question of your own. Are you up to the task, folks?