Tuesday, February 22, 2005

A Tribute to Philly Bloggers: Part 1

Richard Cranium has put in a new category on the Blogroll on the left there -- a list of the "Philly Blog Mafia." So this morning I thought I'd do an introduction to them. (Of course, some are relatively new to me.)

Corrente: This is a group Blog that leads off with a snarky snippet about our mayor, the Honorable John Street, and his misplaced priorities. Street is a Democrat. No, we Philly Bloggers are not blindly partisan. I particularly like their poll on the right side of the page, where it asks you to fill in the blank: "If Jeff JD Gannon Guckert were a bird he would be a:" Very entertaining!

Eschaton: Needs no introduction, and Atrios deserves a daily visit by us all. As of now it is Joe Lieberman Day at Eschaton, but we all know from experience that more fun tidbits will follow on all sorts of subjects.

Mithras: I am compelled to note that Mithras is named after a cult very popular among the Roman military. Today's entry is about Bloggers in Iran who have been jailed, and clearly a just cause backed by Mithras. That's the Philly skyline at the top of the Mithras Blog.

MyDD: I'm pretty sure Richard Cranium and I have both quoted MyDD in the past, and I'll likely do so in the future. Their focus this morning is on the GOP using gay bashing to try to take down AARP. Yup, they are going after old people specifically in order to scare people about the Social Security situation, but then, none of us are surprised at how low the Bushies will stoop!

Out of Context: They seem to want to bring some context to the Gannon/Guckert issue, pointing us to some important pieces on the issue. Hey, and look, they're going to be at Liberal Drinking tonight in Philly at Ten Stone (6-9 on Tuesdays)!

Philly Future: They lead off with a couple week old headline about how well Philly Bloggers did in the Koufax Award Nominations. I guess I'm not the only one who wants to promote Philly Bloggers. These guys REALLY keep track of the Philly Blog scene, and even the real estate! Check out the left side of their page for Philly Blogging headlines!

To be continued. . . .