Monday, February 21, 2005

Finally, an Honest McClellan

Here he is with his new policy about credentiallying the press, and I must say the policy is stunning in its honesty. Look, there's Bill O'Reilly from
And isn't that Sean Hannity, who worked with Jim Guckert over at, bringing him on his own show frequently? (I must admit, I don't want to even SEE that green room!)

Mr. McLellan deserves our applause in stepping forth and handling this, so now we can let this scandal die a slow and messy death.

Thanks to our favorite conservative, The General, for pointing me to Scott McClellan's actions, and also to that simply horrid photoshopping!

Edit: 11:37 Boy, Mr. O'Reilly's people must really be at it this morning. Likely threatened a lawsuit. You see, his picture was in that one up above not 15 minutes ago, and now it has "disappeared!" I'm headed out -- someone let me know when Hannity's disappears!

Oh, that's funny!