Tuesday, February 22, 2005

The Social Security "Sell" - Slime or Merits?

It would appear that Plan Bush is in some serious trouble. The only reason that the administration would be pulling the levers on the new and improved MKII Republican Slime Machine™ would be because BushCo's Ponzi scheme Social Security dismemberment plan has hit rough waters. The 2004 slime machine (MKI, Model SBVFT) has been jiggered and retooled in the form of USANext - kind of like the way NASCAR drivers reinvent their cars every year.

What is USANext? Apparently, the Bizarro World (read: neocon) alternative to AARP. After doing a bit of research, I've come to the conclusion that the bloodsucking vampires at USANext need to have a stake driven through their hearts. I realize that's a strong statement, but really, enough's enough.

Rather than reiterate the entire shitstorm that USANext has caused in the past few days, a link follows that will allow anyone who's been hibernating to catch up. WARNING: Extreme right wing website ahead - but as good an encapsulation of the slime machine antics as I've seen anywhere to this point: Outside the Beltway. Under normal circumstances, I wouldn't offend ASZ's readers sensibilities by sending them anywhere near Outside the Beltway, but I want everyone to see that this is not strictly a partisan issue - even wingnut blogs appear (at least momentarily) taken aback by the audacity level of the USANext slime campaign.

Now, don't get me wrong. After AARP bent over for the Medicare drug boondoggle last year, I'm not singing their praises. In fact, after the prescription drug bill passed (with significant AARP support and lobbying), I wrote a letter to AARP telling them they'd see me in hell before I joined. I will never forgive the AARP for what they pinned on seniors with support of the drug bill.

However, USANext's slime attempts against AARP are just flat out wrong - actually, beyond wrong. Like I said before, bloodsucking.

What it comes down to is that when one political party has to use the politics of slime, rather than merit, to advance their legislative agenda, there's something inherently flawed in the agenda. The slime tactic might work in a political race, but it simply won't work in this instance. The whole USANext anti-AARP canard smells like so much desperation.

And the best thing about GOPNow USANext using this tactic? More people are going to pay attention and start noticing. As much as I'm anti-AARP, they represent the geezers. Of all constituencies, a smart politician doesn't fuck with the geezer vote. Expect to see many GOP congresscritters put a lot of daylight between themselves and USANext's slime campaign in the coming days.

Update, 2/23/05, 8AM - I can't point to one article in particular, but take a trip over to TPM and read what Josh Marshall has to say about the entire USANext / United Seniors Association cabal of thieves. And then, go check out Steve Soto's strategy for dealing with the fuckers.