Thursday, February 24, 2005

In Search of Intelligent Life

No, we're not talking about a dangerous expedition inside the Washington, DC I-495 Beltway. Will Bunch @ Attytood points us to a two hour ABC News special tonight, UFOs - Seeing Is Believing, hosted by anchor Peter Jennings:

They hover, dart and sometimes float. They shine bright lights; they look like pie plates. Sometimes they're triangular or cigar- shaped. They can be stunningly fast and amazingly silent.

Are they alien spacecraft?

That might be going too far.

But they are unidentified objects that fly.

Cue the spooky music, roll the vintage newsreels, and haul out the illustrations of flying saucers circa 1950.

Tonight, Peter Jennings goes in search of signs of intelligent life in the universe.

As Bunch opines, might not it have been better if Jennings had gone in search of intelligent discussion on, say, Social Security?