Friday, February 25, 2005

Rising From the Ashes

And you thought Guckert was a goner. Heh. It's like a George Romero script - just when you think the boogeyman has been vanquished, and a Celine Dion song is hitting a life-affirming creshendo, a hand pokes through a freshly filled grave and grabs the hero by the balls.

Will Bunch @ Attytood (the Philadelphia Daily News' answer to "Bloggermann") brings a couple of stories on the continuing Guckert saga to the table today:

"Jeff Gannon" still wants your money

Comrade Jeff Gannonski and Moscow on the Potomac    (actually, this particular piece is more on the Bush / Putin "free press" dustup yesterday than another screed on Guckert, but it's a good read anyway.)

I am absolutely flabbergasted that James Guckert continues to keep his story alive. Or perhaps more succinctly, that the Rovemasters allow his story (and him) to be kept alive. Maybe he's figured out that's the best way to stay alive -- continue to be an attention whore.

If you recall, back when PimpMyPOTUSgate first broke, Guckert took his Gannon site offline with words to the effect that "the voice has been silenced". Ok. So that would explain why has morphed from its previous incarnation to a blog. And, a blog in which JimmyJeff is now whining for support.

It would be interesting to see how many Freepers step up and click on his PayPal button. Actually, it might even been some sweet justice - Guckert's been fleecing the neocon flock for so long that it's somewhat amusing he's now making it official and making them all pay for the privilage. And keeping his name front and center at the same time. Come to think of it, if it will help him keep his name in the news, maybe I'll go pony up a few bucks myself.

You go, James. With friends like Ann Coulter, you need all the help you can get.