Thursday, February 24, 2005

Within the Echo Chamber

Ann of the Adam's Apple on how Bloggers Are to Blame... It's too rich. Right out of Kafka, Dostoevsky, and Heller. The whole Gannon affair is the fault of.... US -- the bloggers. Read it here. Just drop your nickel in the slot on the turnstile. After all, Levin of Slate said we were nothing if we weren't making money.

From the top: "Wed Feb 23, 7:58 PM ET Op/Ed - By Ann Coulter

In response to the public disgrace and ruin of New York Times editor Howell Raines, CBS anchor Dan Rather and CNN news director Eason Jordan, liberals are directing their fury at the blogs. Once derided as people sitting around their living rooms in pajamas, now obscure writers for unknown Web sites are coming under more intensive background checks than CIA agents."

I'm not quite in my PJs, but it's my day off, so I'm grubby. Nevertheless, beyond her carnival barker money draw, why do the media outlets still keep this piece of human detritus on the books? This puzzles me, even in sleep. Since we're doing serious sociological and psychological issues here at ASZ of late I thought this would be an important question. Why Ann and why now?