Tuesday, July 13, 2004

What, Did he Want a Chance to Swear at Children?

Seems there was a controversy about a Children's Camp in Pittsburgh for poor inner city kids. The military base where Cheney landed the other day is where the camp is being run, and the camp does a whole bunch of good in drug awareness and prevention, anti-violence and just getting the kids out of the danger zones in Pittsburgh.

Lt. Cathleen Snow, who coordinates press coverage at the base for landings such as Cheney's, said she decided that the expected crush of media and security personnel would strain the base staff. It would have been impossible, she said, to accommodate the children's camp and the vice president at the same time.

So she jumped into action to try to shift the camp to Moon Park, only five minutes from the base.

Good woman. Then the politics got involved.

First the Kerry campaign tried to offer land owned by a Heinz relative, and then Cheney decided he wanted those children (instead of getting their education and all) to stand on the hot tarmac for him. Good people found a place for the camp so the kids won't get used as a photo op and waste a whole day so that Cheney can swear at them.

Maybe Cheney wanted to give them the Riordan treatment and just greet all the stupid little dirty girls and boys?