Thursday, July 15, 2004

Spreading the Love on Kate's Happy Planet

From Patriotboy (aka Jesus' General) :

A few days ago a friend of mine asked if I wanted to chip in for flowers for Lila Lipscomb, the mother in Fahrenheit 911 who lost her son in Iraq. Although I doubted she'd be able to get an address, I said yes--Lila's story was very moving.

I should have never doubted my friend; she's incredible. She wrote Michael Moore and he forwarded her email to Lila, who was touched that her story had moved people she'd never met. My friend ordered the flowers and when the florist saw the note, he made the biggest bouquet possible and refused payment.

I thought that was a very nice thing for the florist to do, and it prompted me to think that those of us who share similar views should try to do business with each other. I don't know this florist, and he doesn't know I'm going to plug him here, but the next time you send someone flowers, think about sending them through Organic Bouquet. Bookmark it now.
I can't add anything to that - next time, think when you're ordering roses for the significant other. And tell 'em The General sent you.