Friday, July 23, 2004

Survey Sez...

If it's Friday, it must be survey and poll release time.

Here's a fun one - Harris Poll surveys folks who've seen F9/11. This is just a taste; click through for the whole survey and analysis:

The bad news for the White House in this survey is that independent voters are behaving more like Democrats than Republicans. They are as likely as Democrats to have seen "Fahrenheit 911" (18% compared to 17%) and are much likely than Republicans to expect to see it (20% compared to 10%). And when independent voters see the movie they mostly give it good marks (70% positive) and think it is fair (56%).

Also bad news for the president is that significant minorities of Republican viewers of the movie give it positive ratings (44%) and think it treats the president fairly (30%).
Also on the polling front tonight, swing state Pennsylvania appears to be breaking for Kerry big time:

In Pennsylvania, a key swing state won by Democrat Al Gore in 2000, Kerry was up over Bush by 48 percent to 38 percent, while Nader was at 5 percent, in a state poll conducted by the Los Angeles Times, The Morning Call of Allentown and Muhlenberg College.
Note to Kerry / Edwards supporters in the Philadelphia area: John Kerry continues his trip to Boston, stopping in Philadelphia on Tuesday, 7/27/04. He'll be speaking outside of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, on the Ben Franklin Parkway. Gates open at 4PM. Tickets are freebies, and can be obtained at this link.