Thursday, July 15, 2004

Gary Trudeau's First Cartoon? This is rich!

Rolling Stone is coming out with an interview of Mr. Trudeau on Friday, and there are some excerpts in today's Guardian.
Trudeau said he penned his very first cartoon to illustrate an article in the Yale Daily News on Bush and allegations that his fraternity, DKE, had hazed incoming pledges by branding them with an iron.

The article in the campus paper prompted The New York Times to interview Bush, who was a senior that year. Trudeau recalled that Bush told the Times ``it was just a coat hanger, and ... it didn't hurt any more than a cigarette burn.''

``It does put one in mind of what his views on torture might be today,'' Trudeau said.

So Bush's very first interview with the New York Times was to defend himself and his fraternity against charges of hazing. Hmm, maybe Rush Limbaugh was channelling Dubya when he remarked about Abu Ghraib being just another instance of fraternity initiations?

But they didn't get it right at Abu Ghraib. It's supposed to be a SECRET!