Sunday, July 18, 2004

John Kerry's Service as a Prosecutor

A Los Angeles Times Profile today details that part of John Kerry's life when he served as a Prosecutor in Cambridge. It details his crime fighting, political deftness and toughness, and simple hard work. The article gives us ample reason to be proud of Mr. Kerry, especially in contrast to what George W. Bush was doing at the time, running failed company after failed company, boozing and coking it up, and getting a DUI.

The article also says that the Kerry Camp will be covering this time of Kerry's life heavily during the Convention. It would be wise of them to put it in the positive campaign ads as well. Indeed I would like a very positive campaign from the Kerry camp, at least in commercials. Let the attacks come from the 427 organizations and on the stump. Americans are going to get sick enough of the Republican attack ads -- let's not allow them to say, "the Democrats use attack ads, too."