Thursday, July 22, 2004

Free Speech is NOT a Republican Value

Yeah, one more story of a citizen of this country, this time an elected official, getting the boot from a Bush visit. This happened several days ago, but I think I have seen zero stories of how this happens at Kerry events.

Does anyone believe in the Constitution anymore? Certainly the Republicans want to twist it into a document that forces all Americans to believe as they do, on gay rights, and now about the flag. Yes, I know those were instances of pandering, but can they at least make one action where we can recognize that they believe in the constitution of this country?

Here's the story: The Post Crescent

Why does this stuff always happen in the heartland. Hey, Dubya, I gotta tell you, Wisconsin is a pretty liberal state, and you're trampling core values there. But, sure enough, this time the Bush Administration instructed the Secret Service to boot an elected official who was wearing a Kerry T-Shirt, but who had another shirt over it! Check it out.
Nelson attended a John Kerry for President rally in Fond du Lac earlier in the day before taking his spot in line outside the Bush campaign venue. The event was part of a daylong Bush campaign bus tour through eastern Wisconsin, including the Fox Cities.

Nelson said he was ejected after being caught sporting a T-shirt endorsing the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, though he said it was fully hidden beneath a heavy cotton button-down shirt.

“I have no idea how they knew I was wearing it,” he said Friday.

Now I've known for a while now that the Bushies are focused like a laser on only speaking to their base and keeping anyone with another view aside, but when did they start checking folks' underwear? Yeah, this guy was covered with a shirt over the T-Shirt, likely because he knew it was innappropriate at a Bush rally.

I'm not letting them check my undies.