Sunday, July 25, 2004

Is it Just to "OUT" gay Republican Operatives?

They make no policy, but they certainly push it. They shape none of the hate in this country against gays, but they certainly enable that shaping. And some of those operatives are gay, and the recent outting campaign of the Washington Blade is identifying, and revealing to its leaders. The mainstream press is not following their lead, but it is my guess that some of these gay operatives are going to get canned by the GOP.

Particularly interesting is the article cited above, talking about two key members of Mel Martinez's campaign for Senate in my state. Mel has been so against gays that he has run ads supporting the Marriage Amendment here in the state.

Interesting reading here, and odd, to me. How could one do this as a gay, support the Christian Coalition when it is so strong against any gay rights, and also for a candidate who is foursquare against same. Yet I am not personally in favor of such outting.