Wednesday, July 14, 2004

"The poor workman blames his tools."

That's the comment of a BBC patron regarding the release of today's Butler Report, the British equivalent of last week's U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee Report. There's no more apt description of the use of the intelligence provided to the leadership of both countries.

Perhaps you'd be interested in reading how Mr. Blair is getting his knickers scorched by her majesty's subjects. The only reason we're not seeing the same reaction in the U.S. is that a) people don't care and b) the U.S. media is beholden to their corporate masters. The BBC has no such need to hide the obvious in plain sight.

Here's the link.

The bottom line - people don't like being lied to. Blair and Bush have both stated, multiple times in the past week, that their regimes didn't lie to anyone. Ok, to heck with it. Let's stipulate they didn't lie to us.

But if we do that, then it's also necessary to stipulate that both the Blair and Bush administrations are staffed by the largest conflagration of incompetent boobs ever assembled in the free world.

For that alone, both leaders should be soundly defeated in their upcoming quests for reelection.