Thursday, July 15, 2004

Everyday Clutter as Litmus Test for Life on the Happy Planet

Life's clutter has been rearing it's ugly head in my life lately. Beyond blogs and political discourse, my life is what is probably what most people are dealing with in one shape or form. My adult son is dealing with depression and anxiety, and all the things he's not dealt with in his marriage. My husband is alternately pissed at me, and pissed at himself for our lot in life lately. My baby sister is finally having to deal with the death of her son after six years. And my house is a mess. My yard is a mess. My life is a mess.

I read a long time ago that the condition of one's purse or one's house is a sign of a life in disarray or in order. I've known it for a fact. Clutter is my life. I know what's in the piles of papers, but that doesn't matter, because it's clutter. A sign of my mental condition.

Years ago there was a Garfield cartoon/bumper sticker about a messy desk being the sign of creativity. I'm hoping this is so, because I feel anything but creative now. I have no words of wisdom. I have one link.
Creativity for Life

Not only do I not have any words of wisdom for me, I don't have them for you. We are all the same and we are all different. But we are all homo sapiens on the Happy Planet. We can deny our problems or we can acknowledge them and try to get forward of them. To the stars...