Thursday, July 22, 2004

Slices of Life from the Hilarious Happy Planet

Okay. I admit it, I occasionally visit This morning, my first official day off -- no work today, and my dear husband is out of town for the next seven days (details on request for this rare event) -- I wandered back to Fark to gather P.T. Barnumesque portraits and other fine examples of "news" from our solar system's third rock, AKA the Happy Planet. This is just an observer's quick sampling. (Legal disclaimer: I cannot be held responsible for computer keyboard and monitor damage resulting from the reading of said samples) ;-) Make of them what you will. I chose tidbits that brought a knowing smile to my lips. Here ya go:

In Phoenix, Aridzona, as we call it: Tavern being converted to alcohol-treatment center. This is just wrong! What a world, what a world! Carrie Nation would be mighty proud now.

From a Columbia U. student with too much time for musings: Female Reproductive Anatomy as Model for the Dodge Ram Truck emblem.

And from another august institution of higher learning, MIT, comes Beauty & the Geek. Lab coat, pocket protector, bikini. All in the name of scholarship, mind you.

Swoop on over to Salt Lake City, Utah to read what the Deseret News has to say about a Felonious mystery reader censoring swear words at Layton library.

From Jerusalem, (Israel, that is) our look into a Planet of Happy Apes' future: Monkey hits stride after near-death experience.

Finally, back across the globe to the US "heartland", Independence, Missouri... we're having fun, right? ... All those with an affinity to the human inhabitants of double-wide mobile homes, and tract home suburbs of Los Angeles will find this amusing: Cracking down on yard parking.

To find all the locations of the blurbs listed above you might check out: Earth from Space. (a NASA site, Doc!)

So there. Don't tell me you have nothing to do at work. Reading is good for what ails us. ;-)