Friday, July 30, 2004

Berger Cleared; Deserves Apology

It's time for the Bush administration to clear this man's good name - the good name that media whores around the world chose to smear, based on a neoclown lie and suspiciously timed leak of the lie.

Sandy Berger deserves an apology for the false allegations.

This whole incident requires an investigation. It was clearly intended to cast aspersions on the Clinton administration prior to release of the 9/11 report, to diminish Berger's credibility, to obliquely influence perception of the 9/11 commission itself, and to, by innuendo tie Berger to Kerry.

Clinton Adviser Berger Cleared of Document Theft

President Clinton's national security adviser, Sandy Berger -- who'd been accused of stealing classified material from the National Archives -- has been cleared of all wrongdoing.
The National Archives and the Justice Department have concluded nothing is missing and nothing in the Clinton administration's record was withheld from the 9-11 Commission.

The Wall Street Journal reports archives staff have accounted for all classified documents Berger looked at.

Late last year they asked investigators to see if the former national security adviser removed materials during his visits.

Berger's lawyers said his client had inadvertently removed several photocopies of reports, but later returned them.
This whole incident is, in its intent, as bad or worse than the outing of Valerie Plame. Pelosi needs to indignantly step up to the plate on Berger's behalf.