Friday, July 16, 2004

Florida Voter Purge Scandal to get Investigated

The US Civil Rights Commission is calling for an investigation into why this purged list appeared to be mostly Democrats.  You've all read about the Voter Purge, but here's a longer article, from out the the state at the Kansas City Star.

Of course, Jeb Bush denies that anything about this is partisan. But he's been in the spotlight on fairness in elections for nearly four years, as we know:

"Why is this happening in the state of Florida?" asked U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson, a Florida Democrat, who stopped in at the commission's hearing. "The stakes are high, because of Florida's 27 electoral votes that very well may determine the outcome of a national presidential election, again."

Gov. Jeb Bush has repeatedly denied any partisan motive in how the list was developed. Bush spokeswoman Jill Bratina said Thursday that the governor was concerned about the felon list's failure to include Hispanic felons and has asked Secretary of State Glenda Hood to do an audit. Hispanics in Florida tend to lean Republican.

"Our No. 1 goal is to have integrity in our elections, to have a smooth and fair election process," Bratina said. "There are people out there who have an agenda, and that agenda includes eroding confidence in Florida's elections."

The rights commission has a contentious history with Florida leaders, especially former Secretary of State Katherine Harris. After the 2000 presidential election, commissioners released a draft assessment of the election in Florida that called Harris and Bush "grossly derelict in fulfilling their responsibilities."
The I-4 corridor is going to be a big factor in this election, and Bush is at the southern end of it today talking about how he will be a leader against sexual slavery and sweatshops in Cuba and around the world. Of course, the bill Clinton signed over three years ago has finally been passed by this President on to the Senate just this week.

Yes he thinks folks in Florida will fall for it, but from Tampa to Orlando and on through to Daytona he's going to be in trouble.