Saturday, July 17, 2004

The Dixie Chicks, the Pope, and now USA Today

USA Today weighs in: Has Iraq war made U.S. safer? That's questionable... now seems obvious that the administration misjudged the ramifications of its rush to go to war. Predictions of a fast, sure victory followed by a stable peace ring more hollow with each new U.S. casualty.

The war on terrorism could join the casualty list. Differences over Iraq have split us from allies who rallied to our side after 9/11, and Iraq has drained resources from other needs, most notably in Afghanistan, where warlords still rule most of the country.

Iraq could yet settle into some form of Islamic democracy. And terrorists there might become as scarce as before the war began.

But the argument that we are safer from terrorism now because we went to war in Iraq is dubious at best.
A biting conclusion to a particularly harsh editorial, especially coming from the likes of the usually sanguine USA Today. Millions of people read the entire editorial yesterday in airports, train stations, and bus stops across the country.

Except Monkey Boy™ . We already know he doesn't read the news.