Wednesday, July 28, 2004

How's the Security at the Olympics

Just a couple weeks away and yesterday NATO committed more troops. Methinks someone is a tad bit antsy about terrorism. Could there have been some chatter? I'm not so cynical as to think they are just hyping the terror like they do in the good old USA. And this would be the most inviting target around, excepting the Statue of Liberty. Here's the take at USA Today!

BRUSSELS (AP) — NATO has agreed to provide extra forces under alliance command to help Greece protect next month's Olympic Games from potential terror attacks, officials said Monday.

However, unspecified "operational issues" remain to be resolved, NATO officials said on condition of anonymity. The officials said the Greek request for additional counterterrorism assistance, first considered Thursday, had been approved "in essence."

Then again, it doesn't seem as if they have quite all their ducks in a row, now does it?