Monday, July 26, 2004

Can't Beat'em? Bribe'em.

The population of Iraq is approximately 25 million. The per capita income (depending on the information source) is anywhere from $0 to $2700. The U.S. has allocated just under $200 billion for Iraq.

Let's do the math.

$200,000,000,000 / 25,000,000 = $8000 for every man, woman, and child in Iraq. Nearly three times the per capita income.

Why didn't we just pass out the cash right from the get-go? Would have been a whole, whole lot less messy. (Note for any humor-impaired Americans reading this - IT'S A JOKE, ASSHOLE. SEEK HELP.)

Well, it turns out that we are trying to buy down the violence. Jeez, if it's this bad when they're passing out bribes, what's it going to be like when the money and/or Americans are gone?

U.S. troops use cash to woo Iraqis