Monday, July 19, 2004

GOP Cranking Up the Smear Machine - Target: Ron Jr.

Never mind that Ronald Reagan died from a completely debilitating and family-busting disease. Never mind that Ron Reagan, Jr. has agreed to speak at the Democratic National Convention next week in Boston to push for more funding and research for the disease that took his father. Never mind that Ron Reagan, Jr. has continuously and publicly stated that he won't be speaking about anything political in nature. Never mind that Michael Reagan, speaking at the GOP Convention, will most certainly be speaking in Kerry-bashing terms.

None of that is stopping the smear mutts in the Republican Party from scrambling the slander machine against Ron Jr.

Summing up a sentiment widely held among conservative groups, Wendy Wright of Concerned Women for America called the planned public appearance "sad."

Ron Reagan's decision to deliver an address at the Democrats' showcase event has left Republican loyalists wondering: Is he an astute activist seizing the moment to promote a cause, or a traitor to his father's legacy?

Conservatives remember the younger Reagan's affinity for flustering his family — dropping out of Yale in 1976 to join the Joffrey Ballet, writing articles for Playboy magazine and professing atheism.

While his father was president, he recorded a public service announcement criticizing the government's AIDS policy and encouraging viewers to write to Congress or, as he suggested with a wry grin, "someone higher up."

"He is seen as someone who didn't hesitate to embarrass his family," one conservative leader remarked, reluctant to publicly criticize any member of the Reagan clan.
Every time I think the smear mutts in the GOP can't sink any further, they surprise me. Again, Ronald Reagan died from a debilitating, long term, family-busting disease. Family values, indeed.

Here's what I get from the LA Times article: the GOP supports Alzheimer's Disease as a means of population control, Social Security budget control, and Medicare cost control. The GOP heartily endorses the concept of Alzheimer's afflicting every American in old age.

As a progressive, you should repeat this meme frequently.

And that's MY spin on the news. Take it away, Fox.