Friday, July 23, 2004

Ginny Schrader

I'm fairly comfortable with the notion that, barring some catastrophic event between now and November, John Kerry will be the next POTUS. A few months back, when this fact became obvious to me, I opined that at some point the DNC needed to focus some serious effort on reclaiming at least one house of congress.

Yesterday, the job may have become a bit easier, with popular incumbent Pa. Republican Congressman Jim Greenwood formally announcing that he's withdrawing from the race this year. Seems he's been offered a cushy job in the biotech industry.

What was formerly a locked GOP seat has all of a sudden become competitive. Greenwood has about $600,000 in his campaign warchest (which his GOP replacement will inherit); the previously token Democratic Party opposition (Ginny Schrader) has $8,000 in the bank.

How about offering Ginny some encouragement and a buck or two if you can spare it? Show the DNC that this race can, in fact, be competitive.

Schrader for Congress

Update, 12:45PM EDT: I received an email from Atrios pointing me toward a Salon article on Schrader's boom in contributions - and the impact of blogging on fundraising (but we already knew this, right?). If you do donate from here, make it $XX.19 so they can track where it came from.