Thursday, February 10, 2005

Republican Official/Serial Groper -- and it ISN'T Ahnold!

I might not tire of putting up a "Republican Criminal of the Day." It's just too much fun to see the true moral and family values come to the surface, this time in that reddest of red states, Utah.

Seems the Chairman of the Utah Republican Black Assembly (probably about six members, you think?), E. Ozwald Balfour, also has a radio show. He ran an advertisement seeking models for a photo shoot, and when the models showed up, he proceeded to grope to his heart's content. Reading between the lines, it appears complainants weren't taken seriously until several came forward. He's now in jail.

I like this part:
Balfour, who is married with six children, allegedly asked the woman if she would be interested in appearing in a children's movie. When she arrived at his office, he grabbed her by the hip and attempted to pull her shirt off, according to the charges.

Man, that's BOLD! And he was recruiting children, though there are no reports yet of abuse in that quarter.

Family calues, huh? You've got six kids and a wife but are at the same time a serial sexual abuser? And all the head of the Republican Party in Utah says it that it is "sad." Sad?!?!?!? It's a FUCKING DISGRACE!