Thursday, February 10, 2005

No Room For TWO Rock Stars in Philly

And there just may be a confrontation come July 4, a holiday this city takes very seriously. Because that night, we're going to have one BIG Rock Star here (left), and Michael Marcavage is posing out there as a Christian Wing Ding Rock Star.

Michael Marcavage has been in the news lately, since October when he and several Christian gay-bashers decided to crash a Pridefest Party here in the City of Brotherly Love.

No, he didn't just stumble on the party, several blocks long. It took place in Philly's version of the Castro, an area often referred to as the "Gay Ghetto" and the "Swish Alps." (It's a fun area and I'm trying to figure out how to get my fiancee to go down there to a piano bar or something for the night.) Marcavage crashed the party and was arrested, and since then he's become the darling of the Christain Right Wing Dings.

Here's a description about Marcavage at Bush's Inaugural:

As he stood on a heavily trafficked corner holding a poster of an aborted fetus, a teenage boy wearing a "LIFE" button took a break from passing out fliers to approach him.

"Mike?" the boy asked, smiling sheepishly. Michael Marcavage turned around.

"I saw you on TV last night," the boy said, extending his hand.

"Thanks," Marcavage replied, accepting the hand and shaking it heartily. Then he shrugged. "I thought Alan Colmes would be more responsive."

The teen's eyes were wide. Ever since Marcavage was arrested protesting at Philadelphia's Outfest, a gay pride event, the street preacher has become a rock star to this crowd and a public face for their movement. The teen wanted to hear more about his television appearance.

Hey, he might be in jail by July 4, but I'm hoping he's not and decides to come to Philly, because Elton John is performing in a huge free concert. It's expected to attract 1.5 million people, and they are hoping to raise $2 Million for the fight against AIDS/HIV here and abroad. Believe me, 1.5 million people in our city listening to Elton John, even when he asks them to donate, will be quite displeased at the spew of hate that would be coming from Marcavage's pie hole. It's surely an event Marcavage wouldn't be able to resist, not with his martyr complex.

Perhaps we could introduce Michael Marcavage to Mr. Guckert, who is evidently from nearby West Chester? What do you think, is it a match made in heaven?