Thursday, February 10, 2005

N. Korean Nukes - Juggling Chainsaws, Pt. II

Back in December, I wrote that the Bush administration was performing a juggling act with running chainsaws, and at some point, one too many was going to be tossed into the mix, spoiling the whole act.

Here's another roaring McCullough:

DPRK admits it has nuclear weapons

In a continuing display of exceptional foreign policy incompetence, while the Bush administration has been chasing a non-exsistant WMD program in Iraq (and continues to rattle the sabres toward Iran), Kim Jong-Il's been (not so quietly) stirring up a bitches brew just north of the neighborhood where BushCo recently reduced troop strength to support the Iraqi "peeance and freeance movement". Yep, that makes a whole lot of foreign policy sense.

Both Peking Duck and North Korea Zone have been following developments in N. Korea closely, and both are of the opinion that control over the government by Jong-Il is shakey at best. So, we have an unstable (under the best of circumstances) government that possesses nuclear weapons, of questionable control with unknown safeguards.

Please be sure to send a "thank you" note to the White House.