Sunday, February 06, 2005

Big Fun in Philly

I was down on South Street in Philly yesterday with the wife and daughter. Simply put, Philly is off the hook wild with Eagles fever right now. Everyone is wearing apparel in varying mixtures of midnight green, and even the street musicians have figured out that the easiest way to make a buck is to simply play the Eagles fight song over and over and over. Passersby stop and sing at the top of their voices, ending with obligatory chant:

E * A * G * L * E * S

Non-Philly area residents can be forgiven if they don't quite understand the level of intensity that the entire Delaware Valley is experiencing. This isn't media hype. The passion is genuine and the enthusiasm is extreme. The NFL merchandising wonks are having a field day.

I'm going to say one thing right now: win or lose in the Super Bowl today, it's been a pleasure to live in the area and work in the city over the past two weeks. Philly truly is a world class city that too often gets second billing to its larger sister to the north.

The drumroll, please...ASZ's Official Super Bowl Prognostication...


Ladies and gentlemen of the Delaware Valley, and non-resident members of Eagles Nation, start your parties...

[CUE: Guns N Roses "Welcome to the Jungle"]

UPDATE,, 12:30PM EST - Atrios has posted a Super Bowl challenge on Eschaton. Since I know the Birds are gonna win this thing, I figure it's a no lose proposition, because Pats fans are going to be funding a great cause. Join up by letting us know in the comments below or over on Eschaton. Whichever team loses, one of two great progressive causes wins.