Monday, February 07, 2005

All Your Ovum Are Belong to Us

Think of the Pre-Embryos!!!

It's not like I needed something like this to add to my Happy Planet, crack-of-dawn Mood Disturbance for a Monday, but as Rumsferatu hinted at: You go to Monday with the news and moods you have. Every damn day of late I'm more and more thankful to be a menopausal woman. Film at Eleven.

Amanda at Mouse Words has for our edification and enjoyment her take on the adoption of pre-embryos, with a link to a recent piece at Salon. Embryo donation and how the "pro-life" stance actually cheapens life.

And from the Chicago Sun-Times this alarming news item on a ruling by an Cook County, Illinois judge: Destroyed embryo deemed human
"Friday, Judge Jeffrey Lawrence II said "a pre-embryo is a 'human being' ... whether or not it is implanted in its mother's womb" and the couple is entitled to seek the same compensation awarded to other parents whose children are killed.

"Philosophers and theologians may debate," he wrote, "but there is no doubt in the mind of the Illinois Legislature when life begins. It begins at conception."
Judge Jeff (as he's called by friends) was later joined by the entire Illinois legislature at a late afternoon reception, where, it's reported, they spontaneously broke into emotion-rousing choruses of "Every Sperm is Sacred". Oh, yeah. The Sun-Times' food editor was also there, and said off the record and sotto voce: "the pot-stickers are to die for."

Just kidding. For now.
Happy, happy Monday, Gentles. And do watch out for the low-flyin' crazies.