Friday, February 11, 2005

One Nation, Recruited Under God

I've been clickety, click, clicking today and don't even remember how I managed to get to this story. It's a first hand account of one man's "boys night out" with his father, photos included.

What is the difference between Muslims trying to defend their homeland by recruiting from mosques and Christians trying to defend their homeland by recruiting from churches? And this is coming from an old school Iraqi Assyrian Orthodox Christian. In plain speak, I think both are wrong any way you cut it. This absolutely blows my mind. This is another one of those whatever happened to the separation of church and state moments. Onward Christian soldier.

The story that follows the above statement, with accompanying photos, is one you HAVE to go read.

Are you back? We have truly entered the twilight zone.

Update: Ok, to make this creepier - although it is a different story - let's throw Eliot Abrams and Rev. Moon into the mix.

And another update, commentor nearpass posted this link to the Porter Memorial Baptist Church Men's Night Out, which reminded me of a site that was being passed around a couple of months ago, Force Ministries.