Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Kelly's Heroes Out on DVD

Yesterday, I made reference to one of my alltime favorite films, "Kelly's Heroes". The DVD release of the 1970 classic movie comes out today, and if you're looking for a funny and almost poignant war movie to watch, this one is almost up there with Dr. Strangelove on my flick-o-meter. The anti-war sentiment that runs just below the surface is very typical of movies from the middle of the Vietnam period, but the overarching storyline (a grand heist enabled by an accommodation of combatants on both sides of the fighting) is worth the price of admission by itself.

The allstar casting alone would recommend the movie - Donald Sutherland, Clint Eastwood, Telly Savalas, Carroll O'Connor, Harry Dean Stanton, and Don Rickles. If you're looking for a great period piece, this is it, and at $13.49 it's friggin' cheap. I promise you that Kelly's Heroes will find a place in your video library, and that you'll watch it more than once.