Wednesday, February 02, 2005

For Your Consideration

There's been a few new additions to the blogroll over the past month or so - you know we just don't add any old progressive blog to the roster. ASZ's crack quality control team is always on the hunt for the wierd, the bizarre, and well-considered progressive blogs. Without further ado, welcome to:

Brilliant at Breakfast (a fellow New Jerseyan)
Corrente (should have been here a long time ago)
Majikthise (We're a sucker for a pretty, progressive face)
Rising Hegemon (Attaturk is the only person who out-blogwhore's me on Eschaton)
Wyld Card (A well-written, well-considered new entry to Left Blogistan)

It's tough being the arbiter of good blogging...but someone's gotta do it.