Friday, February 04, 2005

About Tasteless

Let's break these "targets of wingnutosphere opportunity" down, one by one.
  • Barbara Boxer - had the audacity to call out Abu Gonzales for what he is/was: the prime enabler of Bush administration torture doctrine.

  • Howard Dean - has the audacity to challenge the "status quo" of GOP Lite, aka the Democratic Party. Has the inside track for DNC Chairman. Many mainstream (read: bought and sold) Democrats nervous.

  • John Kerry - has the audacity to be shown in this cartoon alongside true progressives.

  • Ted Kennedy - has the audacity to have grown a set of stones in the past six months. Poster boy for inability to communicate his brother's ideals.

  • Nancy Pelosi - a true comer; has grown a set of balls in conjunction with her ovaries. See: President Boxer.