Saturday, January 01, 2005


I like this.

I open my eyes this morning, and the world's still spinning on its axis, regardless of how much said axis might have been shifted post-Asian earthquake.

It's warm like a spring day on the East Coast. In years past, the weathermen would have referred to a day like this as "January thaw" - one of those rare opportunities in the middle of winter to recover from snow, ice, and other sundry miserable weather conditions. The mild weather of the past fall and current winter have certainly been unusual in my neck of the woods, but then, that's been a good thing for my heating bill (and energy prices in general, I suppose).

So, I think I'll get the cars washed today, and do some minor yard maintenance. Nothing heavy duty -- the gift of a day like this was meant to be enjoyed, not spent in significant domestic toil.

And then I stop for a moment.

Why does this conflict me so much?

My wife (M) prepared a wonderful breakfast this morning. While we were eating, a reporter on TV was talking about 'miracles in Somalia', and showing a young boy in the hospital who had survived the tsunami. His mother was by his side. M remarked how old the woman looked to be the mother of a boy so young.

Offhanded response by me? "Life is tough in a lot of places on the planet, dear. The simple act of living ages people quickly in these countries."

I'm so damn lucky.

Forks in the road of life are reached with lesser epiphanies. Personal changes are coming in the next 365 days. I can feel it like the cold, grey stillness before a Nor'easter blows in...