Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Dahr Jamail's Car Bomb Experience

Actually, you can go here to read all about it. It's a very detailed description of Dahr's wake up call this morning. But I don't want to focus on that. He closes his article with this:

The US-backed Iraqi government has announced draconian measures which state that from January 29th-31st the borders of Iraq will be closed, mobile and satellite phone services will be cut, the borders of Iraq’s 18 governorates will be closed and no civilian traffic will be allowed near the polling stations.

Polling stations will each have several rings of security in an attempt to stave off the violence...

Here's a thought. Supposedly, all of these measures are meant to keep insurgents bottled up and unable to communicate. It's just as likely that the steps are being taken in the interest of information and media containment until the election is declared a success by the Occupation Office of Propaganda.

Rove/Goebbels Rules of Propaganda:

1. The first headline is what people remember as truth.
2. Later analysis and retractions mean nothing.
3. When doubt is raised, refer to Rule 1.

(And while you're at Dahr's blog, click over to Odd Happenings in Fallujah.)