Saturday, January 22, 2005

What's Your Hurry. Here's Your Hat.

Hopping Mad?

In the strange mix of pop culture and politics and such that we have now on the Happy Planet, you'd think that I'd not find something that stuck out enough for me to post about. It's all so bizarre, it's difficult to find something that stands out. This one I understand some and don't understand a lot more. Dennis Hopper has made it to near iconic status in his profession. I think the PR and marketing people in the Cabal would have a bit better instincts about a Dennis Hopper ... unless... so many silly unlesses.

Here's the story... You decide.

It's Fox News...forewarned is forearmed. Dennis Hopper Dissed at Presidential Party

"Hopper, who organized The Creative Coalition's Ball after the Ball Thursday night as part of the activities surrounding President Bush's inauguration, apparently got a surprise phone call from the Presidential Inaugural Committee Wednesday night — telling him not to come to his own party."

I'm a Left Coast Woman. We notice these things. We can't help it.